Thursday, September 9, 2010

Yet another reason why I'm losing my mind

This morning as Kylie and Audrey were leaving for school I noticed that my keys weren't were they normally are. There is a table when you walk in our front door to the left and I always put my keys on it or in the drawer on it. I have a bazillion errands that I have to do today including one really big one when the kids get home from school (which I will be posting about tomorrow!) so I thought I would find my keys and put them with my purse. I looked in the drawer again thinking maybe they were under something inside of it. Nope. So I looked under the table in the baskets where the kids leave their shoes. Nada. I then proceed to take all of the cushions out of the furniture, scratch my head in amazement at the amount of cheerios I find under the cushions, move the furniture, dump out my purse, look in the car, call my husband and get a little bit hysterical, go through the garbage, look in the kids rooms, under the beds, in the laundry room....... well you get the picture. I searched for almost 2 hours!
My poor husband calls me to tell me that he will come home and give me his set of keys when someone can relieve him at work.  I tell him I'll continue the search and call him if anything turns up. As a last resort I decide to go through everything one more time. I have a storage bench in the living room that I keep throws in and I started looking in there. As I moved one of the throws I noticed a brown sock. Seemed kind of weird since the kids pretty much live in sandals except for when they go to school and then they have to wear white socks. I then noticed the sock looked kind of funny.
For ten points can you find what is wrong with the white throw?
So I picked up the sock and found not only my keys, but a can of potpourri spray that I had been looking for yesterday. 

I'll give you three guesses who put it there. And here's a hint,  her name doesn't start with A, K, or L. 

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