Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend recap

This weekend was a special one to me. We didn't do anything particularly exciting, but it was still great for one reason. Family. On Friday one of my brothers stopped by for a visit.  He only lives about twenty minutes away, but we rarely get to see him due to his work schedule. The kids were so excited and I think it's safe to say they pretty much pulled out every toy they own just to show him. 
Then on Saturday I took the kids to see my parents. My mom and dad told the girls they had a surprise for them on Thursday and that was all I heard about for two days. I had no idea what the surprise was other than it was something my dad was making. When we arrived at their house they took us out the the back yard where Paw Paw had made the girls a tire swing. You would have thought it was Christmas morning and their birthdays all rolled into one! They all hoped on immediately and tried it out. I had planned to let the girls visit for a little while and then drop Kylie off at a birthday party, but the surprise ended up changing things. Sophie and Audrey insisted that I leave them (this never happens!) so I took Kylie to the party. She was actually a little upset that she had to leave. We did not get back to get them until 6:30 and then we ended up staying another hour so Kylie could play too. The kids have already informed me that this Saturday I am to leave them there all day long. Sounds good to me.
Yesterday my younger brother came over. So the kids got to play with him and as a special bonus for me he did some work in my bathroom! He hooked up my sink and patched one of the walls that had a huge hole in it where my husband removed the old towel rack. I love my husband, but he is the king of procrastinating and doing things half way so this was a huge deal to have my perfectionist brother take care of things for me. 
So all in all it was an awesome weekend. I got to spend time with the people I love and now I feel recharged and ready for the week ahead. Hope everyone has a fabulous week!

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