Thursday, September 2, 2010

The latest project

Yesterday my husband and I started on a project that was way overdue. The bathroom.
In the ten years we have lived in our house this is the only room that we have never changed. I don't know why we haven't changed it because it has definitely needed it, but we haven't. Until now. The cabinet was on it's last leg so we ripped it out. The flooring was starting to peel so out it came. By the way, that picture? Is after the flooring came out. The little squares are imprints from where it has been down so long. Then came the wallpaper. Yes, my friends that's right, wallpaper. Now I have known for awhile that we would be working on this room and have offered multiple times to rip out the wallpaper while my husband was at work. His response? "Oh, honey don't worry about it. The guy at Home Depot said we don't have to take it down." Uh huh. Apparently Mr. Home Depot Guy told my husband that he could use an oil based primer on the walls so that he could paint over the wallpaper. I have a pretty good feeling that Mr. Home Depot Guy was having a good chuckle last night thinking about the dumb sucker who was painting over his wallpaper. Guess what I got to do until late last night?
 So fun. And no I did not say "told ya so". After being married as long as we have I don't even have to say it. Oh, and when we took the mirror down look what was underneath it:
 Can't guess what it is? It's a piece of LOOSE LEAF PAPER COVERING A HOLE IN THE WALL!  Is that not ridiculous? I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw it. I ended up going with laughter because I knew crying wouldn't help.
So anyway, wish me luck on this project, I'm hoping to be done sometime before Sophie starts college. I hope.

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