Monday, September 6, 2010

It never fails

This weekend my husband and I spent pretty much all of our time in the bathroom. Working that is.  Now one of the reasons I have put off doing anything in this room for so long is because it never, ever fails that once we begin working on one room the other rooms suffer because of it. Why you ask? Well aside from the fact that we have to move the items out of said room until all the work is finished (thereby messing up the room we moved everything into) we also have three children. Normally our children are pretty much well behaved, but when they are not being watched like a hawk monitored, well lets just say bad things can happen. Like this:

Or this:
 And yes, this:
And you definitely don't want to see what my kitchen looked like. I told the kids that if they didn't clean up their messes then I was going to take them to T.J. Maxx today. Worked like a charm. They had those rooms back to normal in no time. Now if only my bathroom was finished I would be one happy woman. Maybe next weekend.


Anonymous said...

I should just start a link of all the photos moms post of their kids' messes, I mean rooms. *sigh*

See this post from August, I can relate:

Unplanned Cooking said...

I always feel like our home is in this perfect balance - and if I spend any time on anything else than pick up, it's like a tornado ripped through it.