Friday, October 1, 2010

Open letter Friday-Pottery Barn Kids

Being the dork I am I often compose little letters in my head to companies, annoying people, etc. I thought I would start sharing them with you guys (I know, I know you're thrilled right?) on Fridays. If you would like to add  yours you are more than welcome to either include it in the comment section or if I can ever remember how to do the McLinky thing then I'll include a link up at the bottom of the post. Happy Friday!
Dear Pottery Barn Kids,
First of all I would like to say that I love and adore your ridiculously overpriced company. I have been a fan and customer for quite a few years now. Generally I have had nothing but good experiences with you, the quality of the products are great and the customer service is phenomenal. Right now however I am not a happy mommy. A few days  ago I received my new catalog in the mail. Since this week has been a bit crazy it kind of took me awhile to get around to looking through it. Now I'm wishing I hadn't. You see, within the pages of that innocent looking little magazine I found this:

What's the big deal right? The big deal is that you have gone and added not one, not two, but THREE new dolls! To make matters even worse I went online and noticed that not only did you bastards add new dolls, but you added new furniture and accessories. 

  Now I'm sure you're probably reading this thinking "okay crazy lady what's your problem?" My problem is three part. One I have spent the past year buying all of the dolls that you make. Not just the ones on your website but I've also had to stalk eBay to find some of the ones that you quit making. Two I have three daughters and that makes things pricey when you are multiplying by three. Three I have already bought everything for my children's Christmas. Yes I realize that it is just now the first of October, but I like to shop early. So I'm asking you to please, please, please stop the insanity. My husband loves me very much, but I do believe that if I hit the submit button on my $428 (before tax and shipping) online cart after I have repeatedly assured him that I am finished toy shopping he may very well leave me.  So for the sake of my children no more cute stuff! Okay? Thanks very much. 


greygillfish said...

It looks like they need to add a Kylie doll still. LOL!

Christmas shopping done already? I am SO jealous!

Do the girls play with these dolls a lot. I am loving the little toy kitchen. So cute!

Lana said...

I know! Kylie was telling me last night that they need a doll named after her too, lol. She probably wouldn't play with it much though, about the only toy she plays with are her webkinz oddly enough. I thought when she started buying those things it was just because of the online game, but she loves those animals.
Audrey and Sophie play with their pbk dolls all of the time, probably even more than they play with their American girl dolls. I'm dying to buy that kitchen set, but honestly I have no clue where we would put it. We don't have a pbk here, but as Kylie so kindly reminded me last there is one in New Orleans and we're going there next month so who knows......
Oh, and I probably started buying Christmas stuff around May. I still need to buy some things for my mom, dad and brothers, but as far as the kids go they are done!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

So funny! It is torture sometimes to look at those catalogs, too many cute things!
Great job starting your shopping, you go mamma! We really need to start soon.


greygillfish said...

My kids still love the webkinz too. They don't play the online game anymore, but still like to get new webkinz animals and play with them. GTO even still sleeps with them. SSSHHHH, don't tell. HA!