Friday, October 8, 2010

Open Letter Friday

Being the dork I am I often compose little letters in my head to companies, annoying people, etc. I thought I would start sharing them with you guys (I know, I know you're thrilled right?) on Fridays. If you would like to add  yours you are more than welcome to either include it in the comment section or if I can ever remember how to do the McLinky thing then I'll include a link up at the bottom of the post. Happy Friday!
Dear Clueless Mom,
Storytime at the local library is such a fun thing for our children. What is especially fun? Watching your child beat on a glass door for over twenty minutes while you sit around and pretend you don't notice. Not only is it loud and distracting to the children that are trying to listen to the librarian it makes me a nervous wreck. I'm telling you this because while you sit outside the storytime room with your other mom friends drinking your coffee (By the way the no food and no drinks sign they have posted? I'm pretty sure it's for everyone) I've got my phone ready to speed dial 911 when the glass breaks and little precious starts to bleed out. So please don't worry about your child, just go back to being oblivious. And when your child runs through the library pulling books off the shelf? Don't worry about that either. I'm sure someone will pick them up. Same thing with the puzzle pieces your angel was throwing at everyone. Now that was amusing. The ear splitting screams were kind of fun too. Looking forward to seeing you guys next week!
Annoyed Mommy


The Planet Pink said...

Ah, I love this. I am a master letter writer myself. It's quite therapeutic!!

The Planet Pink said...

PS - I'm diggin' your new look! :-)

Leslie said...

I LOVE this idea and am totally going to have to play along. I do believe that I saw that kid recently at our library too...or at least that mom. Seriously, what is up with people?