Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend recap-Tantrums and Projects

This weekend was positively insane. It didn't get off to a very good start because the girls were are icky with allergies. For some reason Sophie always runs a temp when she has them and that is just what she did. All.weekend.long. The bad thing is that I cannot get medicine into her to save my life. When she had pneumonia a few months ago she actually elected to get two shots everyday rather than take the medicine. It's that bad. That meant that I pretty much spent all weekend holding her. Not a bad deal, but I also had spend my time fussing at a certain eight year old that I am convinced has recently become possessed by some unknown evil force. Seriously, my Kylie has had her moments, but for the most part she has always been a sweet, loving child. Apparently those days have gone bye-bye. She has become rude and self centered and I am at my wits end. The times I wasn't trying to coax her little sister to eat or drink something I was spending fussing at her to do her homework and quit being mean to Audrey. It was bad.
Speaking of projects we had quite a few going on here this weekend. Audrey had to read a book and decorate a pumpkin to look like the main character. She really, really wanted to do The Princess and the Frog because she has a slight obsession with Princess Tiana, but when she realized that she had to stand in front of the class and give an oral book report and tell the names of the author and illustrator she changed her mind. The book report part didn't bother her so much, but the author and illustrator had somewhat hard to pronounce names so she decided to do something else. Fine by me. She picked the book Mittens about a new kitten. 

Naturally we had no grey paint so we had to mix our own. She really enjoyed her project and I think it turned out okay.
 I let Kylie and Sophie pick out a pumpkin to decorate as well, but it didn't go quite as well with them. Kylie kept complaining and ended up not doing anything with hers.
  I warned her I would post this picture.
Sophie took some markers to her pumpkin, but as you can see by her face, she just wasn't as into it as she normally would be.
 Kylie also had a reading project to do this weekend. She had to write a book report and make a diorama. Her teacher gave her a paper to write the book report on with lines on the front and back. She filled those out and wrote an additional six pages. She's kind of long winded I guess. After much arguing I told her I wasn't helping with her project anymore. I'm hoping that her grade doesn't suffer too much for it because the diorama was definitely not her best work.
 And not to be left out I'm working on a project of my own. It's not finished yet, but I'll give you some hints about it. It's not a room (thank goodness!) and it's something you play with. Here's a picture of the curtains I made for it. Please excuse the wrinkles, someone who shall remain unnamed for now wadded them up and threw them to the side. 
 I'm crossing my fingers that it will be finished on Wednesday. It requires the cutting of wood and I don't trust myself with power tools so I'm going to wait until my husband is home to make him do it. Hopefully it won't turn out as badly as my last few projects. Wish me luck!

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Leslie said...

UGH. I hope your little one is feeling better. That's no fun. And funny about the kids fake being sick to get some medicine. Really. It's sad.
Oh and 8 year old. My oldest is 10 and I keep saying that this has NOT been my favorite age. That attitude is for the birds. I feel your pain :( LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kitten. She did wonderful! How fun.