Thursday, October 21, 2010

No more school work please!

I really love when school starts because I'm one of those people that desperately needs schedule and routine. However, one thing that I don't love about school being in session is all the extra work it brings with it. Luckily this year the girls have teachers that don't assign massive amounts of homework. Unfortunately they do assign 'projects'. Lots and lots of projects. I dread looking in the girls assignment folder when they get home from school because there is almost always a letter about an upcoming project in it. Currently Kylie has a math project and a reading project to do. Yesterday Audrey brought home one of the dreaded notes informing me that she has a project to do for her reading class. The thing that drives me insane about these projects is they usually require me to go buy things for them. I promise I'm not being cheap when I say this, I'm being lazy. Nine times out of ten it's some strange, obscure thing that I have to run all over town to find. Also, unlike their homework assignments the projects almost always have to be done over the weekends so they can be turned in on Monday. That of course means that I have to ride them all weekend to get them finished. See, this doesn't really work for me. Weekends are supposed to be the time for me to make my husband finish his projects around the house. So teachers I'm begging you, please lighten up on the projects. Please?? Cause I'm really wanting to get some work done in my kitchen and I don't know if I have it in me to wait until summer break.


greygillfish said...

I totally understand. GTO just finished a Volcano project that we worked on for three weekends straight. UUUHHG! Not to mention, he has a tough teacher that assigns a lot of homework and he has to study for a TON of tests. It has been a rough year!

I couldn't even comment on your AR reading post yesterday. I am very proud of your girls, but I had just cried the night before over GTO's AR tests. It is not a strong point right now and the added work it creates drives me wild. :( GTO is not my child that likes reading which is not good for a 3rd grader. EEERRR!

Hang in there & thanks for the school posts. It's nice to know there is another parent out there who has the same hardships. :)

Lana said...

Aww, I'm sorry about the A.R thing. If it makes you feel any better the very day I posted that Audrey came home with a 60 on one of her A.R. tests. I had to laugh because I knew that's what I got for bragging.
I really don't care for that program at all and have made my feelings known about it to everyone at the kids school. The funny thing is that most of the teachers don't like it either.