Thursday, October 14, 2010

This and that

I hope everyone has been having a fantastic week. Mine started off horribly, but I think it's finally trying to redeem itself.
  • Sophie and I have been walking everyday since Sunday. I used to have the neighborhood mapped out and would walk 3.3 miles a day and try to beat a certain time to get finished, but this time I'm not looking at the clock or measuring distance at all. We've been taking different routes everyday to keep things somewhat interesting. Hopefully we'll get some cool weather soon so I won't feel like a puddle of sweat when I'm done. Oh, and I have not weighed myself either. I kinda, sorta know what I weigh but I don't want to get too focused on weighing myself all the time. I think that once the clothes feel loose then I'll weigh.
  • Today is my older brothers birthday. I'm a crap sister because I still haven't picked up anything for him yet. He's 41 and single. I'm thinking a girlfriend.
  •  We've been dealing with horrible nightmares this week. No, not the kids. Mine. I know it's because I went to funeral services earlier this week, but I had no idea it would affect me so much. 
  • I've been a little stressed lately. My husband has had to work extra days to fill in for people at work so I've been doing the single mom thing for about three weeks now. Yesterday he finally had a day off work and it was so nice. I made him mop the kitchen floor. 
  • Apparently when I'm stressed I like to shop. I checked my emails this  morning and had a ton of shipping notifications. Currently I'm waiting on eleven packages to arrive. The sad thing? I had four arrive yesterday. 
Have a great day everyone!


greygillfish said...

I hope your week gets better...sorry you had a rough start. I did the single parenting for a while when hubby worked nights and went back to school. It wasn't very fun, so I feel your pain.

ELEVEN packages...WTH? Are there any purses or backpacks in there??? LOL! I have been doing my fair share of online shopping lately, but you put me to shame! I always wonder what our neighbors think with all the deliveries and packages that stack up. :)

Hugs girl!

Lana said...

No purses or backpacks, can you believe it? I've mostly been shopping for the kids lately. I realized that all three of them needed shoes so I've been stocking up on those. Also, toys, books and more clothes they really don't need. My husband is convinced that the UPS man and I have something going because he stops by our house almost everyday.

Leslie said...

Nightmares are the worst. Sorry :( LOL to the shopping. I have a few headed my way too...