Monday, October 4, 2010

The weekend of ugly.

This weekend the girls and I attended a family reunion. Naturally my husband had to work so I did it alone. I'm pretty sure all of my aunts, uncles and cousins are convinced I don't actually have a husband because it never fails everytime we have a family get together he is at work. Anyway..... I've often joked to my husband that every family has an Uncle Eddie. You know the guy from the National Lampoon's movies? 
The reunion was held at this really nice park with a picnic area. The kids were playing on the playground and the adults were visiting and playing catch up with each other. And then he arrived. Uncle Eddie. Now in all fairness to my family this guy is not actually a family member by blood. I believe he married a cousin or something. While most of the people at the reunion were average, pleasant everyday people. This guy? Well he wasn't. He arrived with a cigarette and a can of beer. I have no problem with people that smoke, just don't do it around me or my kids. I have no problem with people that drink either, but drinking to me is one of those 'right time, right place' type things. Apparently drinking his beer, smoking his cigarette and stuffing his face took all the energy he had in him. I walked up and found him sprawled out on a picnic bench with his big, tattooed gut hanging out. Naturally I took a picture. Because I'm a jerk like that.
Unfortunately I didn't get a good one because people kept walking in front of me, but here ya go.
Sorry ladies, I'm afraid he's taken already. As if that weren't enough beauty for my eyes to behold I came home to find a facebook request from this guy in my inbox:
I know, I know you guys are totally jealous. Sadly I had to turn down his request. My husband was too jealous.
Oh, but the ugly doesn't end there. Later that night when my husband arrived home from work he was in a very grumpy mood. I asked him if he had a bad day at work and he told me that no it had been a pretty good one actually, it was coming home to egg on the front door and having to clean it up that did him in. Yes, that's right apparently our house was egged. Nice huh? The kids and I were home all evening and didn't even have a clue. 
I was really hoping Sunday would be nice, but alas we had a bit of ugly pop up there too, although in a different form. We took the kids to the park to play and on the way home I had to stop by target to pick up some things for the girls lunches this week. Kylie had her purse with her so she asked if she could buy a webkinz. I told her I didn't care and then Audrey went and grabbed one. Audrey had no money. Mommy wasn't paying for it. Drama ensued. I finally calmed her down, but then I made a tragic mistake. I kissed her on the cheek and told her I loved her. Horrible right? Well for Audrey it was. She has always been super sensitive to well, pretty much everything. The biggest thing is kisses. She cannot stand for someone to kiss her. EVER. And of course I just screwed up and did it. In a public place no less. She began crying and screaming all over again. She told me she did not love me anymore, that I was disgusting and made her want to throw up. Nice, eh? So that kind of ended my ugly weekend. Hopefully this week will be much, much better than the weekend was.


greygillfish said...

I love the new header. The pics are darling. Kylie needs a skirt and hat too, no?

You only have ONE uncle Eddie? I think I have more than one. That is hysterical that you took his picture.

Jaima said...

Sorry you had such an ugly weekend. But you cant help but laugh when you see that facebook photo!

Lana said...

Actually Kylie does have the skirt and hat. I bought Audrey and Sophie the skirt and hat with both a long sleeve and short sleeve top. Kylie didn't like the short sleeve top so she just has the long sleeve one. It was too warm to wear it that day, but it's finally starting to cool down some so hopefully soon!