Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend recap

Happy Monday everyone, hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was wonderful. My husband finally had an entire weekend off. I can't even begin to remember the last time that's happened. Saturday we took the girls to the fall festival at their school. I was a really bad mom this year and did not sign up to do anything! I know that sounds awful, but I have to admit it was so nice to be able to watch the girls play. 

They had a fantastic time and slept very well that night. Sunday was just a lazy day of doing nothing. Well for me anyway. The kids played outside while their daddy worked on a little project for them and I sat around and read a book, watched some HGTV, and did a little online shopping. I didn't even have to cook because dear old husband did it all this weekend. Pure bliss. 

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greygillfish said...

That does sound like pure bliss! I could totally use one of those weekends.

I didn't sign up for anything at our fall school carnival either. I can join the bad mom's club with you. :)