Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The azaleas are blooming!

One thing I just love about this time of year is watching all the flowers bloom.  I live on the gulf coast and it's practically a requirement that you must have azaleas in your yard.  My parents used to be in the nursery business so naturally I have lots and lots of them in mine.  Yesterday I thought I would snap a few pics of the girls while they were playing outside around them.  

We were shopping in hobby lobby a few weeks ago and they had parasols on sale and the girls just had to have one. Unfortunately I only bought one, not smart when you have three girls.  Kylie remembered that we had it so I brought it out for them to play with and of course had to snap a few more pics. Note to self, make another trip to Hobby Lobby and hope they still have two more parasols so my kids don't kill each other.
I even somehow  to get a picture of them together. Not the best pic in the world, but hey, you take what you can get.


Jayme said...

Beautiful pics, beautiful girls!
I did the same thing this afternoon- took pics of our azaleas!

Lana said...

Thanks Jayme! I just love when everything is in bloom, it's so pretty. Of course, I'm about to go broke buying allergy medicine, but it's worth it, lol.