Saturday, April 24, 2010

Decisions, decisions

About a year ago husband and I decided to buy Sophie a big girl bed.  She had a toddler bed in her room, but it was too small for her long legs.  It felt like forever that we shopped for a bed and finally we decided to buy her a bunk bed.  We only have three bedrooms in our home and the plan has always been to put Sophie and Audrey in a room together eventually (right now it's Audrey and Kylie that share a room) so this seemed like a good idea.  When we got the bed home we decided to just put one of the beds together and wait a year or two before we put them together as bunk beds.  So that's what we have done and so far it's worked out okay.  Lately having Kylie and Audrey in a room together doesn't seem to be working out that well so I'm thinking it might be time to break out the bunk beds.  Audrey has to go to sleep around 7:30 so she'll be rested for school, but  Kylie cannot go to sleep that early.  She stays in her room and reads with the lamp on and it keeps Audrey up past her bedtime.  She's also been shutting Audrey out so she can talk on the phone with her friends (Lord, help me) so Audrey has been going in Sophie's room to play.  So I know it's time to move them, but I'm nervous.  I have this fear of the top bunk falling in.  Husband assures me that he will make the beds extra secure and they'll be fine, but still it worries me.  The superficial side of me hates the thought of putting the extra bed in there because that will mean having to move the artwork I have on the walls and I'm not sure if I can find matching bedding for the top bunk.  Pathetic, I know. I think what it all boils down to is that I'm afraid of change.  I love the feeling of security I get from having everything always the same day in and day out.  That being said I think that we are going to attempt the room change tomorrow. Wish me luck.


The Planet Pink said...

As a bunk bed owner myself I despise them. Mostly because I hate changing the sheets up there. Maneuvering too many kids into too few bedrooms is hard - we're living it too. Good luck with your change!

Lana said...

Ugh, making the beds are awful! I even asked Audrey if she was sure she didn't want to just use a throw, lol. Of course she told me no, she wanted to use her quilt.