Monday, April 19, 2010

Back on schedule

Yesterday marked the official end of spring break. If someone had told me nine days ago that I would be sad to see the girls go back to school today I would have told them to put down the crack pipe and slowly back away. Yes, I dreaded it that much.  All I could think about was the constant squabbling I would be putting up with.  I was wrong. The girls all got along, mom got to sleep in and best of all no homework! I felt bad because I didn't have anything special planned, but with husbands work schedule and with the money tree I had planted withering and dying on me it just wasn't happening.  Not a problem though.  We made a trip to the dollar store and bought a pack of water balloons.  Best fun ever!

While it's nice to be back on a schedule again, I think I'm really going to miss those little monkeys!

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