Saturday, April 10, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes (no Sophie, I'm not calling you a baby!)

A few years ago I made Kylie a tutu for her birthday.  I was going to run to Gymboree to buy one of their birthday girl shirts to go with it, but apparently I waited too long and they were sold out.  I mentioned it to my mom and she said, "no problem, I'll make her one." So she picked up a white tee and embroidered 'birthday girl' in hot pink on it.  It turned out really cute and I decided I would save it for Audrey and Sophie to wear on their birthdays (the tutu sadly bit the dust long ago, too much dress up I guess).  This year Audrey asked to wear the shirt for her birthday so I pulled it out for her.  Her birthday was last month, but for some odd reason she came up to me today and asked me to save the birthday girl shirt. Why you ask? Because she said when she grows up if she has kids she wants them to have it. Mom will be thrilled.  Then Sophie not to be outdone told me that she wants me to save her princess dress for when she grows up.  Again you might ask why. Because when she grows up she is going to be Rapunzel and she will need a princess dress. It's always good to have goals in life isn't it? 

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