Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend recap

Last week was really not so great.  I went all week without a car which surprisingly makes mommy a great big ol' grouch.  Friday after I walked Kylie and Audrey to the bus stop I walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast when I noticed Kylie had left her lunchbox.  Not good at all.  Kylie tends to be incredibly anxious so I knew that without a doubt I would have to somehow or another get it to her. Her school is 2.5 miles away so I could easily walk it, but I had one small problem with that.  Her name is Sophie.  I do not have a stroller and I don't think her little legs could handle walking five miles in one day when it's 80+ degrees out.  So I finally got in touch with my mom and she came to my rescue.  She picked us up and we went to the school where it just so happened the kids were having field day so we stayed for a little while to watch them.  I think they were both secretly glad Kylie forgot her lunch because not only did mom and Sophie get to come watch them, but Granny did too. 

Then Saturday husband had to work again.  I thought that I could drop him off at work so I could use the car to take care of some much needed errands, but when I woke up that morning he was already gone.  Yes, divorce did run through my mind.  A lot. I just kept repeating to myself, "remember the purses, remember the purses".  Yesterday he had to do something to redeem himself.  He surprised us by taking us to the strawberry festival across the bay.  We had never been before so we had no idea what to expect.  They had tons of food, booths and rides for the kids so it was really nice.  Nice, but really overpriced.  The cheapskate thrifty part of me thought it was really stupid to spend $3 per child per ride, but the looks on their faces made it all so worth it.  Kylie and Audrey rode the mini roller coaster and I thought it so sweet the way Kylie would put her arm around Audrey.  

Sophie, of course wanted no part of the roller coaster, but she could not wait to get on the giant slide.  I was kind of worried that she would get all the way to the top and then freak out, but she did great. 

The funny thing is that after we bought a load of tickets for the rides we walked around the corner and there was this nice little park for the kids to play at. I think they actually liked the park better than the rides.  Oh, well live and learn right?
And a few more pics, just because I love showing off my girls!
Sadly I forgot to bring sunscreen and someone was starting to get a little pink so we had to cut the fun short. Kylie and Audrey wanted to get in another quick ride on the roller coaster so Sophie and I waited for them and she picked wildflowers.  I swear that child can find those things anywhere!

Judging by the smiles from the kids I think everyone had a really great time.
 Oh, and for those concerned I do have my car this week.  Which is very good considering the girls are out of school for spring break.

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