Friday, August 13, 2010

Backpacks and wine

It's that time of week again already! Can you believe how quickly this week has flown by? It's storming here so I'm just going to do a quicky post so I can *gasp* turn off my computer for awhile. 
Today is the last day of our first week of school. Other than one or two hiccups on the first day everything has gone really well. The girls seem to really like their teachers and classmates so Mommy is relieved. I just ordered Audrey yet another backpack/lunchbox combo. This is the third one so far. The first set was a princess Tiana set I bought on Amazon. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but Audrey loves Tiana so she was thrilled to get it. Sadly, it was a piece of crap. An expensive piece of crap. The "lunchbox" had no insulation, it was just super thin nylon meaning that nothing would stay cold and if a drink spilled it would leak. The backpack was equally thin and her water bottle won't even fit in the side pockets. So I ordered a set from the children's place that she told me she wanted. It was very nice, but way too big for her tiny frame. She told me that she couldn't keep the straps on her shoulders. Luckily they have a smaller version so I ordered it yesterday and hopefully it will work out. 
Last night I had the strangest dream. Normally I would just keep this to myself, but it I think it's too funny not to share. I dreamed that the girls and I were in one of those expensive little boutique shops. Why I would take my kids somewhere like that is beyond me, but that's how dreams go. Anyway, while we were in there Kylie knocked over a bottle of wine. The funny thing is just the top of the bottle broke. I took it to the woman running the shop and offered to pay for it. She told me it would be $330. Naturally I was freaking out because I didn't want to spend that much on something that I couldn't actually drink. She then told me that if I wanted to "pay for the damages" and not take the bottle with me she would only charge me $280. Good deal huh? Not. I was still freaking out over having to shell over that much when I woke up. And guess who was lying in bed next to me? Yep, Kylie the bottle breaker herself. I nearly died laughing. My husband of course tells me it's that nightly glass of wine I have before going to bed. I think he may be right.

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Lee-Ann said...

Oh that sucks on the backpack issues! We are sticking with the same one from last year & then I picked up one from LLBean for my new kindy guy!