Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My inner Martha has died

Years ago I used to be a real artsy/creative type person. When Kylie was small I would always make cute little things for her room. She had a ladybug bedding set from Pottery Barn Kids and I bought her a table and chairs set and spent hours hand painting ladybugs on it to match her room. I painted  cute pictures to hang on her wall, made cute little pegs to hang her purses and hats on, I even painted a dresser she had. When people would come to visit they would see the things that I had done and say, "Oh, I love that. Where did you get it?" Well my friends those days are apparently long gone.
You see yesterday I got a wild hair to get crafty and well, it went horribly wrong. I decided that I wanted to paint a step stool for Kylie's room. Her bed is kind of high and I thought it would be cute to have a step stool next to it. Yeah, it would have been cute had I just left well enough alone. I took this poor innocent stool:
And ruined it.
 Go ahead and laugh. Really. I'll give you a minute or two. Trust me if you made something that looked like this I would be laughing at you so don't feel bad. Now in case you are wondering why I would put the letter A on something for Kylie's room wonder no more. I didn't. That is supposed to be the Eiffel Tower. The French weep. I just don't know what happened. Okay, I might have an idea or two. One, Sophie and Audrey were right up under me the entire time. Two, I did not have the proper size paint brush. Really stupid to use a big, wide bristle brush for something like that. So I admitted defeat sanded the top and painted over it. Hopefully she'll love her plain pink step stool. 
If not, too bad cause I'm done. 
 And no, the pinks do not match the room. At all.


Ewa said...

Ok, I am sorry but I had to smile a bit, maybe a little bit more, I thought at first it was letter "A",
But it turned out lovely at the end

Madison said...

I thought it was an A at first, too. Oh well, everything doesn't always turn out the way you picture it in your head. I love her bedspread, though!

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

So funny! I love it! I did think it was an A.
You should see the stepstool I tried to paint my daughters name on....not good, I stopped after a few letters and its been that way ever since. Its in the kitchen at the sink for everyone to see when they come over. I paint walls, not letters.

Jaime said...

Yeah...but you built a friggin awesome loft bed!