Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Meet our newest family member

It has recently come to my attention that there is a new member in my family. Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Inbisible Guy:
 What? You don't see him? Don't worry neither do I, but Sophie assures me that he's right there next to her. And of course you can't really see him anyway since he's inbisible. Apparently Mr. Inbisible Guy has a mischievous streak a mile long. Just yesterday he ate almost every single piece of candy in the candy jar, spilled pretzel goldfish all over the living room floor, put blocks in every room in the house and took Audrey's stickers and put them all over Sophie's toys. I'm sure that he's a really nice guy, but quite frankly I'm ready for him to visit someone else for awhile. Oh and by the way, I do know how to spell invisible, but I was told that I was pronouncing the name all wrong. Silly mommy.


Ash said...

oh gosh - reminds me of that movie "the sixth sense". :os anyway leaving that horror moment away, i'd like to say that sophie is looking absolutely adorable in that pink S shirt!

i want a baby girl......!

~ash's mum

greygillfish said...

Oh, she is so stinkin cute! Don't send Mr. Inbisible guy here...we have already been through that in our household. Sam lived iin GTO's closet and tagged along with us often. :) GTO also had a sister named Gronah Belle who he talked about contantly for about 18 months. Apparently we had left Gronah at the hospital. :(

Anonymous said...

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Lana said...

Thanks Ash. Sophie has had a super girl shirt (or as she calls it super shirt) for about three years now. I've been lucky to find one at old navy each year.
greygillfish that is too cute. I hope I don't have 18 months of putting up with Mr. Inbisible Guy because he is wearing me out after just a few days!

Nikki said...

Ok that is just too darn cute!!! I want a little girl!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Reminds me of that movie Drop Dead Fred! I loved that movie! And her invisible friend was very naughty! Lol. Hopefully, Mr. Inbisible can play by mommy's rules.