Thursday, August 12, 2010

I am in love...................with a shirt!

Some of you may not be aware of this because it's something I don't believe I've ever talked about on my blog, but I love to buy clothes for my children. Not just the basic necessities, but the cute, fun stuff. I mean I really love to buy kids clothes. When Kylie was an only child (for about all of two seconds) she pretty much only wore smocked dresses (we are in the south ya know!). If we wanted to go really casual I would buy her something from Ralph Lauren or maybe an A line style dress from Kelly's Kids. Then when Audrey came along I went on a Baby Lulu kick. I not only bought the girls matching outfits, but I also ordered the special bows and socks to match. Heck, at one time I even had three of the diaper bags from Baby Lulu so I could coordinate with them. 
Anyway, I'm sure you're all shaking your heads in disgust at me now and wondering what my point is. The point is that this is kind of a hobby for me. Some people might like to scrapbook, others may sew, do photography, or watch/play sports. I like to shop. That being said over the years I've bought just about every brand of kids clothes you can imagine. And lately I've been a little bored. The girls have to wear uniforms to school so I've been saying that this year since it will be Sophie's last year before starting school I am really going to have fun with her clothes. So far it's not worked out so great. All of the brands I usually turn to just haven't been all that impressive to me. At all. Maybe I'm asking too much, but I've really been looking for something cute and a little different. Too much to ask? Apparently so. Until someone recommended an Etsy seller to me. Normally I steer clear of etsy. There are just so many sellers on there and I get frustrated trying to search for things because every time I search for something on there I end up with 100's of pages and it's just too much to weed through. Also, I've heard so many horror stories of people ordering things on etsy only to wait forever on their items and in the end having to file with paypal to get their money back. Well this time I lucked out. Someone recommended the shop Piper! to me and I just fell in love. The prices are extremely reasonable so I thought I would order a few things just to see what I thought. It took about three weeks from the time I ordered until I received my package. Sophie didn't want to try on her new duds, so I got Audrey to do it for me.
This is the 'Little Miss' top. Isn't it cute? I'm not sure if we'll wear it with the skirt or not, but I just love it!
I also ordered a long sleeve top. You know just in case the weather here ever decides to drop back down to the double digits.
This is from the 'dress up' print. Cute, huh? The great thing about this seller is she lets you choose from a tank  top, short sleeve top or a long sleeve top. The other great thing? Only $14! By the way I am not recommending this seller because I'm getting anything (she doesn't even know I'm posting this), I just love to pass along great finds when I run across them.


greygillfish said...

I have the same shopping problem. I have always purchsed GiGi the cutest things, but this year I am struggling mostly because she is a bit older and can't wear the babyish styles anymore. Lately, I have been shopping a lot of Euro brands because I love the mixing of patterns and bold colors.
Mim-Pi is one of my faves! I also have been shopping a lot at Matilda Jane. Thanks for the tip on the Etsy store. I get overwhelmed on that site too.

Lana said...

I'll have to check out Mim-Pi and see what they have. We usually buy a ton of Mini Boden, but I'm just not crazy about anything they have this year. I ordered some Matilda Jane for Audrey and Sophie recently and love it. I feel kind of bad though because poor Kylie has pretty much nothing other than a few random things from gap. She's getting older and it's so hard to shop for her now.