Monday, August 9, 2010

Here we go again!

Kylie and Audrey started school today. I thought I would be happy to see this day arrive, no more arguing, a clean house, and no whining about what to eat for lunch. Now that it is here though I'm a little sad. Every year when school arrives it hits me like a punch to the stomach that my kids are growing up and there isn't a thing in the world I can do to stop it. As much as I love watching them grow and experience new things I just want to keep them little forever, but sadly that is impossible. *Sigh* Now before I get all maudlin and allow the tears to flow I'll share a few quick pics I took of them this morning. 
By the way, pretend you don't notice the funky white patch on my door. That's how my husband paints. Nice, huh?
And yes, I did take pictures of them waiting on the bus to arrive. I am that mom.  
I also took pics of them getting on the bus, but you can breathe a sigh of relief because I won't be posting them since other kids were in the picture and I don't want any neighborhood moms mad at me. Anyway, hope everyone has a fantastic day!

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Stephanie said...

Cute girls! I hope they enjoy their first day back.

Im that mom too- I take pics of everything lol!!