Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mommy has homework!

As much as I would like to say that yesterday was a raging success I can't, because well that would be lying. Sophie and I had a really nice day, we did a little shopping and I let her eat complete garbage fast food for lunch so she was very happy. 
The problems began to arise once Kylie and Audrey finally got home from school. I say finally because even though we only live 2.5 miles from school it took the school bus over an hour to get the kids home. Long bus route? Nope, there are only three streets on the entire bus route, all in our neighborhood. No clue why it took so long but it did and when the girls got off the bus Audrey was screaming. I ran to her and she was crying her eyes out. I had to threaten to call the school before she would tell me what was wrong. Only then did she tell me her tummy hurt. I told her to run to the bathroom and see if that helped. Umm, do you remember the scene in Austin Powers when he keeps peeing and everytime you think he's done he starts back up? Yeah. Apparently she was too scared to ask to go to the bathroom so she didn't go all day. Anyway, after that she was better so I gave her and Kylie their gifts. I've always given them a little something on the first and last day of school. Usually something simple like a book, sometimes a dvd. Well this year I kind of forgot so I got something out of my stash of American girl sales goodies I ordered the other day for Kylie and ran to Target to pick up something for Audrey. Audrey has been asking for a webkinz a lot lately, a cat in particular. So I headed to the toy section and there was one cat left and it was marked down to $2.38! Major score. 
 The girls were thrilled, but this thing here?

She had a meltdown because she didn't get anything. Oops. So after pitching a fit to end all fits she fell asleep. At 5:00. Meaning Mommy got to stay up very late last night. Which wasn't really a bad thing because it gave me a chance to work on my homework. Yes, that's right Mommy has homework. I have to write the kids teachers letters telling them all about their little quirks, etc. Maybe I should mention in Audrey's that she doesn't speak up in class so perhaps the teacher could try asking her if she needs to go potty? Right now I'm too tired to care. I think I may crawl back into bed and catch a little cat nap before Sophie wakes up and decides it's time to start our day.


greygillfish said...

At least she held it! I had the same problem with GTO who is EXTREMEMLY SHY. I picked him up from Kinder a few times and realized he had wet his pants. It was so sad. Eventually, he learned to raise his hand and ask to go. :)

It's sweet that you give them gifts at special times. It's things like that they will remember when they get older.

Lana said...

Poor guy. I asked Audrey yesterday if she told the teacher she needed to go since she didn't come home crying again. She told me that no, she just made sure to go before she left home in the morning. I swear I don't see how anyone can go that long!