Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Be still my heart

If you have been reading my blog for even the shortest of time you will know that A) I am an anal retentive neat freak and B) I have a very tiny house. I am constantly going through my house and purging things. Finding neat ways to organize is a bit of an obsession hobby of mine. The one thing in my house that I really and truly hate would be the closets or in my case lack thereof. Like everything else in the house they are really small and like most people I tend to use them to hide the things I don't want to look at. For example in the girls bedrooms their closets have baskets and bins on the floors to store the toys that do not fit on their shelves. Today as I was browsing some of my favorite blogs I ran across this on the Knock-Off Wood blog. I swear it was as though the skies opened and the heavens began to sing. Is this not the coolest looking kids closet ever?!?
 I'm thinking I might have to add it to my poor husbands ever growing list of honey-dos.


greygillfish said...

I have an intervention plan for you. Since I know your house is already neatly organized, and everything is already in place, there is really no need for you to do anymore projects at your house. So why don't I fly you to my house, and you can put some of your anal retentive organizational skills to good use. Trust me, there is plenty to do, and I need organizational help!!!

I do like the closet plan, but it looks like there isn't enough room for hanging once you use all the space for shelving. I know your girls have lots of clothes that need to be hung. :)

The Planet Pink said...

OMG are those bookshelves attached to the inside of the door? Genius!!

Lana said...

Greygillfish~ You crack me up! I would actually get a kick out of a big organization project. I could bring Sophie and let her and Gigi play while I go to work. Of course Mr. Inbisible Guy has still been hanging around so I couldn't promise you that things would be all that better once I left.
You are right about the lack of hanging space though. My girls have a disgusting amount of clothes already and I haven't even hung all the things that I've bought them lately. And of course there is going to be a sale at gap later this week that I might just hit up.
Queenie~ Yes, they are! Neat huh?