Thursday, March 4, 2010

The birthday girl

Yesterday my Audrey Grace turned six. 
 *Sniff* I always get so sentimental around my babies birthdays.  I love to watch my children grow and learn and do new things, but it's so hard knowing they won't be little much longer. Normally we wait until the weekend to do birthday parties, but since it just so happened that daddy was off yesterday we decided to do it after school on the day of.  We don't really do the big birthdays around here.  We tried it a few times before and it never worked out well.  One year we rented a playplace only to have one child from school show up.  Total waste of money. Then another year we decided to have the party at our house and invite a bunch of children and then once they arrived I remembered, 'oh yeah, there's a reason we've never done this before.  Our house is too small!' So now we generally stick to just having cake and ice cream with the grandparents and if aunts, uncles, cousins want to stop in that's fine, but more often than not they don't.  Anyway,  my parents, my brother and niece showed up and a good time was had by all.  Audrey finally got a few Princess Tiana things, a new webkinz jr. , and her first American Girl doll.  I think out of everything she got though she was most excited to get the money that daddy slipped in her card. 
Smart girl, isn't she?

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Jayme said...

Happy Birthday!!