Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My bathroom eats things

Of this I am convinced.  I was taking a shower this morning and noticed that my razor was missing.  Again.  This happens all the time.  Now before you wag your finger and fuss at me for leaving them in the same shower my kids use I must defend myself.  I keep it on the thingamijig that hangs from the shower head.  They can't reach it (well Kylie might could, but that would mean she would have to lean forward and actually allow the water to come into contact with her face) so I know the kids have not moved it.  Not only have I been losing razors, but I am constantly having to replenish dental floss and toothpaste as well.  Not because they have been used up.  Oh no, these are generally new ones that go missing.  I have to replace them because they just won't stay put.  The fact that there is a waste basket next to the sink that four females use might have something to do with it.  But I'm still convinced it's the bathroom doing it. 

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