Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well that didn't last long.

A few months (weeks maybe?) ago I posted about the wallie alphabet that I put up in Sophie's room.  Really cute, but I think they are about to go.  I've noticed lately that some of them have not been sticking to the wall very well.  Yesterday I tried to put them back into place and this is what happened to poor letter K:
Not good at all. As you can see not only is it now stuck to itself, but it is torn. I've really enjoyed having the alphabet on the wall because I think it has helped Sophie recognize her letters so much. She gets such a kick out of pointing out what letter everyones name begins with so I want to keep something similar in there.  I am thinking about buying one of these prints from Farmhouse Five. 
I have ordered prints and canvases for all the girls from them before and have always been extremely pleased with them.  I just have one problem though. Well two problems actually.  One, I can't decide which print I like best.  We have the coordinating prints to the first picture in her room already and I love them, but I also really love the second print.  Two, I don't know where I would put them.  If you notice in my earlier blog post about her room there isn't much wall space left to hang anything. Any suggestions? 

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