Thursday, February 18, 2010

I want a do-over

I feel so incredibly 'off' this week.  For starters Kylie and Audrey had no school on Monday or Tuesday making this a five, yes five day weekend!  They were out Friday for that tiny bit of snow, then Monday for Presidents day and Tuesday for Mardi Gras day. I honestly can't complain though.  I enjoyed having them home and they were pretty much well behaved minus a few fights over the wii.   I thought that perhaps yesterday I could get back into the groove of things and reclaim my house, but with the husband home it didn't happen.  We spent a large portion of the day running errands and then Sophie started to feel bad.  By nighttime last night she was really feeling awful.  It's pretty rare for my children to get sick (knock on wood!) so when they do get sick I feel terrible for them.  It's nothing serious, just a cold, but she is so pitiful.  I tried to give her some medicine, but she spit it all out.  I think I traumatized her fairly well with it because she kept waking up throughout the night saying, "No medicine, mommy mean" :( then when she woke up this morning she asked, "No medicine mommy? Please?"  She really knows how to make a mommy feel bad.  I'm hoping that she'll start to feel better soon because she has a speech evaluation at the school tomorrow at 8:00.  Eek!  No idea what I was thinking scheduling anything so early in the day.  Hopefully next week we'll get back on schedule.  Hopefully.

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Mom and Daughter Newsletter said...

i totally know how you feel. you get in a grove where nothing goes right. i hope all gets better for you. keep your head up and let the light shine in. :)