Monday, February 22, 2010

Maybe next weekend?

This weekend was just not so great.  Friday night Sophie woke up during the night crying and the only thing she wanted was mommy.  She still had a bit of a cold and since she wouldn't take anything for it she was feeling bad.  I ended up falling asleep holding her on the couch only to be awakened by her about once every thirty minutes or so until morning.  Saturday was supposed to be 'run errands, get a lot accomplished day', but as usual that didn't work out so well.  The kids were whiny because they wanted to stay home so we only did about half of what we needed to.  Then yesterday I had plans to take Kylie to see a movie.  Just the two of us.  We were all set to go see the Tooth Fairy movie and then Sophie started crying because she wanted to go.  Kylie did not want her sister to come because she wanted it to be just the two of us.  Sophie was screaming and crying which made me feel horrible, but at the same time I completely got what Kylie was saying.  Sometimes it's hard having more than one child and trying to be fair.  Then Audrey asked if she could go too.  Finally we decided to compromise.  The whole family would go, but Audrey and Sophie would sit with dad, while Kylie and I sat together.  We rushed to the theater, practically ran to the ticket counter because as usual we were running late, only to be told they weren't showing the movie.  Technical difficulties.  *Sigh* We told the kids we would take them to blockbuster instead.  When we get to blockbuster they don't have the game the kids wanted so they finally settled on one they hadn't played before.  I take Kylie and Sophie to the car while dad and Audrey check out.  We wait and we wait and we wait some more.  Finally they get to the car empty handed.  The game the kids were going to rent?  They didn't have it.  Someone put the wrong game in the box.  I just had to laugh because it seemed like no matter what we did something was going to screw up.  When I tucked the girls in last night Kylie told me, "Well we didn't really get to do anything we wanted this weekend, but at least we were all together."   Sometimes she just melts my heart.

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