Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday already?

Wow, that was one fast weekend wasn't it?  On Friday I had planned to run all of my errands so I could spend the weekend just staying home with my family.  Well you know what they say about the best made plans right?  As soon as I got in the car and started down my street my cell phone rang.  My phone rarely rings because I am not a big phone person so I knew it had to be important.  It was the school calling me to come pick up Audrey.  She was still crying when she got to school and the nurse said that her ear looked a little pink.  So off I went to get her and take her to the doctor.  Her ear had a nasty infection so I stopped and picked up some medicine for her and brought her home to rest.  Poor baby, I hate when something is wrong with one of my children and I either miss it altogether or just blow it off.  Out of all three of my children we've only experienced three ear infections in eight years (knock on wood!) so I really don't know any signs to look for.  The first two there weren't any signs.  The pediatrician just noticed them during routine well visits.  So anyway, that was the end of my plans for the day which meant everything would have to wait until the weekend.  This means that the kids would stay home with dad which also means that now my house looks like a mad hurricane rushed through it.  Which means that I now have to clean.  And I don't want to.  At all.  I just want to go crawl back into bed with Sophie and snuggle for awhile.  Hmm, might just do that.....
Well that was nice, I feel so much better now.  Still don't want to clean though.  I do have a small problem project that I would like to do today that I would love to get some suggestions on.  About two weeks ago wallies  sent me an email that they were having a sale.  Being the sucker  savvy shopper that I am I had to rush over and check it out.  They had this cute little thing under the wall play section and I knew I had to get it.


Cute isn't it?  I think I'm going to put it on Sophie's door since her walls are already kind of busy.  I then saw this one and thought I would order it as well.
Sophie really needs to learn her alphabet and I thought this would help some.  The problem is I don't know where to put it.  I'm toying with the thought of making some big flash cards like the eeboo ones at land of nod , but I don't know where to begin.  So what do you think?  Dumb idea or is there something else cute and creative I can do?  Oh, and I know it's silly, but the thing that really pushed me over the edge and made me add this to my order is the picture next to the letter F.  See it?  It's the frog picture.  I just knew when I saw it that Sophie would get excited because it kind of looks like her Hattie frog.  I was right, she loves it.  Which means I now have to get in gear and do something with it!


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Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Those wallies are too cute!! Thanks for the nice comment about my brother in law.
I don't want to clean either so Im hiding in my room surfing my favorite blogs. If I dont clean Im crabby and when I think about doing it Im crabby. What is a girl to do....Hubby?!?!