Monday, February 1, 2010

Technology and kids

Back in the fall like clockwork I began having problems with my computer.  Every year without fail this always happens and it is almost always around Aug./Sept./Oct.  Usually it is some strange virus that I pick up from somewhere, however this year it was something different.  My computer would not turn on.  Apparently there was something wrong with a connection.  Very frustrating obviously.  So my dear, sweet husband replaced my computer for me.  I was thrilled, but what I did not know was that he took my old computer to have it fixed so we could pass it down to the kids.  Yes, that's right to my then seven, five, and three year old.   This may sound a bit over the top, but would you believe that Audrey has to do homework on the internet 2-3 times a week?  The child is in kindergarten!  This is on top of the 7+ papers that she has to do each week.  So we gave them the old computer, but then the monitor died.  Just our luck, lol.  We told the kids that they would have to save their money in order to buy a monitor of their own.  Unlike their mommy here they get an allowance each week.  A really nice size allowance.  Unlike me.  They were doing a really great job saving up, but then I decided to surprise them and get them a monitor for Christmas.  They were overjoyed so it was totally worth it.  For whatever reason we kept putting off giving them internet access so basically they were just playing PC games or tux paint.  If you don't have tux paint, I highly recommend it (tux paint).  My kids love it and it is so fun to see the creations they make on there.  This weekend however, I could not take the fighting over the computer any longer and we hooked 'em up.  Kylie was thrilled because now she could use the email address I set up for her ages ago.  She just turned eight in January and so far the only people she emails are me and her dad, but she thinks it's the coolest thing ever.  Last night I thought I would show her how IM worked.  I sent a message to her explaining what it was and she immediately sent back the message, 'cool'.  She kept IM'ing me from her room down the hallway.  Yes, we're dorks.  She sent me a message asking if I could 'figer' out what something meant and I replied and told her that the correct spelling was f-i-g-u-r-e.  To which I received the reply back, "hey, I'm only 8 years old, I'm doing my best!"  Sometimes it's hard to remember.

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