Friday, February 26, 2010

Fantastic Find Friday! Yankee Candle Fragrance Fans

I love to try new things whether it be a cool new website, food, brand of clothing, book, you name it so I thought that I would start posting about my fantastic finds on Fridays.  If you would like to do the same I invite you to post a link here so we can all get in on the fun! Btw, I am not being paid to advertise so please don't think I am spamming, I'm just a mom that loves to find new and interesting things and like to pass them along. 
The other day husband had a rare day off work so we went to do some shopping.  I wanted to go by Bed, Bath, and Beyond which was perfect for him because it gave him an excuse to go into his Will Ferrell routine from Old School (hey, I never said I married the most mature guy on the block!).  Now anyone that knows me well will not be surprised that the first spot I ran calmly walked to was the Yankee Candle section.  Sadly we do not have a Yankee Candle store here (which may be a good thing or I would be totally broke) so I get my Yankee Candle fix where I can.  After the great candle exploding experience earlier in the month I've kind of been laying off the candles which stinks because I love to have a super great smelling house.  Was that an unintentional pun?  I think maybe so.  Anyway, I was super excited to find this:
  It's a battery operated fan that spreads the fragrance around the room!  How ingenious is that?  Of course I had to get the buttercream scent and super bonus, it was on sale!  So naturally I stocked up on scent refills.  I will say that it smells good, but not as good as the candles so I won't be completely giving those up.  So what fun finds have you found lately?

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