Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's wrong with this picture?

See it?  Yeah, it's kind of hard to miss isn't it?  I adore candles and constantly have either a candle or a tart melting somewhere in my house all the time.  I just love walking into my home and smelling the yummy goodness of them.  I used to just light the candles and one day someone asked me why didn't I use a candle warmer.  Hmm, a candle warmer, never thought about that.  So I went out and bought a couple and have never looked back.  Until today.  I was walking by and for some reason something caught my eye.  I peered at the candle jar because it looked like it had a crack near the neck of it.  On both sides.  I started to pick it up and realized it had no bottom!   Lovely.  Then Sophie pointed out the waxy mess under the table (don't laugh.  I know it's a crappy table and I'm hoping to get something new soon) so now I get to spend some time scraping up candle wax.  At least it smells good.

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