Friday, February 5, 2010

What a week!

This has been one wild week and I am so glad to be seeing the end of it!  On Wednesday I had a conference with Kylie's teacher.  She makes excellent grades (no clue where she gets that!), and is well behaved in class, but I noticed that while many of the kids in her class are in the 100 book club she has only made it to 35.  This child reads every single day.  She loves reading the American girl books and has read them over and over every single one so something just didn't seem right.  Apparently the only books that are being counted are the books that the children take AR tests on and Kylie has not been signing up to take the tests.  I'm not sure if all schools participate in the AR program, but apparently it's a really big deal at our school with our principal.  Personally I hate it.  I feel like the children are rushing through their books so they can take a test on it and not really enjoying the books.  I am a big reader so this kind of annoys me.  Anyway,  her teacher is going to work with her and remind her to take the tests (btw, her teacher feels the same way I do about the tests.).   After I finished talking with her teacher I had to hurry and take Kylie to the eye doctor.  Apparently my child is nearsighted.  I feel so bad, I had no clue.  They had a vision screening at school and Audrey's came back okay so I just assumed Kylie's would as well.  Nope, not the case.  They sent home a note telling me that I should probably take her to get her eyes checked.  My children have rarely ever been sick or had anything wrong with them so I honestly didn't think much of it.  Yes, I know bad mommy moment here.  I waited until I took her to her annual check up and when we were there the nurse did the simple eye chart test.  She kept asking Kylie what letters and shapes did she see and she just stood there.  I had to pick my jaw up off of the floor.  I could not believe she couldn't see these huge letters!  So I came home and made her an appointment and yes, she is going to get glasses.  Very, very expensive glasses.  I actually picked the cheapest frames and they still ended up costing $167!   I'm crossing my fingers that she doesn't lose or break them.  Then this morning around 4:00 Audrey woke up crying and saying her ear hurt.  I went and got into bed with her and she feel asleep and I was hoping she would wake up and be okay.  Nope.  She woke up and was kind of cranky, but didn't act sick so after wavering on whether or not to send her I decided to let her go.  I wrote a note to her teacher to call me if she acted like she wasn't feeling well.  When I walked her to the bus stop I knew things were going to be bad.  There were about five dogs there.  Big dogs.  My child is absolutely terrified of dogs and she immediately went into hysterics.  To make matters worse there is a little girl that is always being mean and teasing Audrey.   She came up to her and began mocking her saying, "oh, I'm so afraid of dogs. I'm going to cry."  Seriously this kid is in kindergarten!  When did kindergartners get so mean?!?  Finally the bus arrived and she was crying, but I figured she would be okay after awhile when she realized the dogs were away from her.  I hurried back inside and got Sophie ready and we were going to run to the grocery store and the minute I put my key in the ignition my cell phone rang.  The school called me to pick her up.  Yep, another mommy guilt moment.  I should have just kept her home from the start.  So today we get to go to yet another doctors appointment.   Ugh, wish us luck! 

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